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postheadericon Try To Know Why Wear A Tie?

Fashion, at times, feels constricted by conventional looks. However, even with the booming stardom of men wearing at leisure, a suit and tie will never die. Yes, tapered sweats are excellent attire for the boozy brunch at hotel rooftop, but in the presence of business giants, especially if you are looking to be hired for a fancy package, you’ll probably want to wear a suit and tie. Well, ties and fashion go a long way.

The History of Tie Wearing

Neckties have always represented the honor, order, and nobility. Originating in the seventeenth century, European Croat mercenaries serving in the heart of France were the beginners of tie-wearing by wearing knotted neckerchiefs as a symbol of their positions and alliances. The French ruler, King Louis XIV admired the new neckwear so much that he began wearing ties to mark his status and style.

According to historians, ties were a signal of capability during its advent. Ties esteem the wearer to look influential, irrespective of reality. Humans operate on their perceptions. If a gentleman wears a tie with absolute belief, those around him will assume that the person possesses specific skills and qualities.

Tie and Gentleman Quotient

Ties are a mark of professionalism. Even if you ply your trade in a casual office, a tie can be banked on to enhance your presentation. You can impress your boss and coworkers by being the gentleman who puts a sophisticated yet straightforward effort for the fashion appeal and elegant looks. The choice of the tie is critical though.

  • The colors matter. Going for blues and burgundy almost matches with anything, be it casual or formal.
  • The size matters. Broader guys are better suited to wear thicker ties, and likewise, their skinny cousins would look better with slimmer ties.
  • The length matters. The length of a tie should hit the head of your waistband or belt.

Gone are the days when ties were a fall and winter wear. The skinny regimental necktie around the white-collar shirt is a time-tested trendy tone outgunning the casual outerwear. Don’t forget the famous dark chino that completes the look and a testament.

Ties measure a well under sixty inches. Despite being little, they genuinely go a long way. Who would have predicted that a relatively tiny piece of fabric will represent such a big fashion statement? Well, the King of France did, and there started the love bond of ties and fashion and followed his path were countless noblemen, businessmen, traders, and the modern-day executives.

postheadericon Important mistakes to avoid in which giving corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your clients and employees. It makes the person feel good and great over having a relationship with you. however, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to make your gift look suitable and appropriate. Whereas there are certain things that need to be avoided in order to make sure that you don’t disappoint yourself as well as your clients. To be good at corporate gifts Singapore, you need to avoid these mistakes in order to make sure that your clients and employees get excited.

Inappropriate gifts

One has to be very careful in order to gift someone. Gifting doesnot mean simply going to the market and buying the first thing that you look upon. One has to have a basic understanding of a person inorder to make sure you can decide the perfect gift that they can happy accepting it.

School may seem to be a good option in this case but that would be useless if the person you are gifting it to is not alcoholic. In this case, you ought o gift him something that he rather would like. hence avoid inappropriate things by knowing your clients or employees well.

Not present in a proper way

The other look always defines the excitement of opening it as soon as possible. Don’t just gift someone something for the sake of gifting it. make sure that you present it to the person in apresentable manner. Remember that you are presenting it as a brand that would leave a forever impression of the individual.

The gifts that you choose can be gift wrapped in a simple yet impressive manner. Keeping it simple is the best thing as you as a corporate doesn’t have much of a time as well.

Don’t go for over expensive gifts

The cost of a gift doesn’t define your gratitude and respect towards that person. You don’t have to deep in deeper into your wallet to make an individual happy. Simple yet effective gifts are enough to keep your client happy.

Moreover, there are some regulations incorporate that restrict an individual from gifting expensive gifts. In addition to that in some countries, there is regulation on the cost of the gifts. If the Maou is surpassed then one has to pay taxes on the gifts given. Hence to avoid such times avoid expensive gifts.

Consider the occasion

Not considering the occasion is also a common mistake that a lot of people make. it is better to consider an occasion to gift someone. Non-occasional gifts can be considered as a bribe. Hence make sure that you have a good reason for corporate gifts. If it is a religious occasion then you can gift something religious to the client.


To avoid these common mistakes in the future to avoid any negative impressionform the client. A perfect occasion can be a good time to gift where the person accepting the gift would be glad to know that you respect the occasion.